Differential Service at Tuffy Pelham: Viva la Difference

January 26, 2020

Every vehicle on Alabama roads has a differential, and it is important to the proper operation of the vehicle. But most Pelham residents don't have a clue what it is.The differential compensates for differing wheel speeds. For example, when you turn, the inside tire on the turn travels a much s... More

PCV Valve: What Is It?

January 19, 2020

Most Pelham drivers know something about preventive maintenance on a vehicle. We know we should routinely replace the oil and wiper blades and other fluids. But have you heard of a PCV valve ? This little car part needs to be replaced regularly or it can cause some serious problems in your vehicl... More

What Is That? Check Engine Light Service at Tuffy Pelham

January 12, 2020

Okay. You went to your local Pelham car wash, and while your vehicle was under the dryer, the Check Engine light started flashing. Panic! What did you just do? Something is seriously wrong with the vehicle! You head for the nearest Pelham service center, but on the way, the Check Engine light st... More

Wasteful Thinking

January 5, 2020

With the weather getting colder, you might be tempted to start your vehicle up, let it idle for 15 or 20 minutes and then get in the nice, cozy cabin. Some vehicles offer remote starting that let you do that from the comfort of your home or apartment. But is letting your vehicle idle like that ... More

Pelham Drivers Severe Service Maintenance Schedules

January 1, 2020

Since driving requirements and lifestyles differ among Pelham drivers, your vehicle manufacturer publishes two auto maintenance schedules: the regular schedule and the severe service schedule. Which schedule should Pelham drivers follow? Here are some questions to ask yourself:Are most of your tr... More